Quality Sound Reinforcement Systems

Whether it’s a live performance at a large stadium, a local high school football game, or a Performing Arts Center, sound is very important to the live events businesses and organizations host. If a venue doesn’t have a quality sound reinforcement system, guests could be missing out on a great experience. They will be unlikely to return and will gladly share their unpleasant experience with their friends. We provide unique reinforcement systems of the highest quality that we customize to fit the exact dimensions and needs of each venue. From the design stage through installation, we will guide you through the process of creating a custom sound reinforcement system that reflects your business’ quality and attention to customer satisfaction.

The Expansive Experience

Our team of trained employees has a long history of creating custom sound reinforcement systems.  Our design team have gone through manufacturing training and industry certifications, so you can trust that they’re experts in the field. We are committed to quality and innovation, and we will work to create a custom sound reinforcement system that allows you to present your message clearly.

At Ace Audio Communications, our goal is to provide your church, school, band hall, choir room, or conference room with the absolute best quality sound and coverage, engineered specifically for your room and your technical needs.

We believe your Sound System should:

  • Provide clear and natural reproduction of sound with no distortion
  • Allow the audience to feel like they are listening to the person speaking or singing, not a sound system
  • Provide balanced, even coverage for the entire audience
  • Consistency
  • Produce strong sound without feedback when using microphones in a comfortable position
  • Be straightforward and easy for your tech team to operate
  • Be quiet – no hissing or hum
  • Be expandable for future growth
  • Be cost-effective

Design Process

Combining the latest technology with experience, we design and install an audio system that complements the unique needs of your space.

  • We meet with you and learn about your organization and the audio needs.
  • Discuss solutions and provide graphics or 3D models to give you visualization tools so you have something to show your team, committee, or congregation.
  • We utilize acoustic and 3D modeling to analyze acoustics and assist in perfect selection and placement of speakers.
  • With our personal Design-Build approach, there is one source for sound, lighting, projection, and acoustics without paying a separate consulting fee. This saves you money!
  • We coordinate with electricians and other trades needed to complete the project.
  • We design systems for all ranges of budget and technical complexity.  Whether you are a smaller church or school with simple sound needs or a large organization with significantly more advanced sound requirements, Ace Audio Communications, can design and install your dream system.

More than Sound Reinforcement Systems

In addition to complete Sound Reinforcement Systems, we provide professional and careful installation and system design for the following applications:

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems
  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Audio distribution in your campus
  • Integrated multi-track audio recording
  • Platform Lighting – LED lighting, moving systems, and traditional theatrical fixtures
  • Programmable lighting control
  • Integrated architectural lighting systems
  • Creative and innovative video projection systems
  • Environmental projection systems
  • Edge-blended projection systems
  • Distributed video for your campus
  • Camera and video recording systems for broadcast or live Streaming
  • PTZ Remote control camera systems and manned camera system