Essential Audio Distribution Systems

Perhaps nothing seems more basic than an Intercom, Public Address, or Mass Notification System.  And perhaps nothing fouls you up more when you don’t have what you need. Ace Audio Communications has been assessing those needs, designing, integrating, and servicing educational and commercial Intercom, Public Address, and Mass Notification systems since our founding.  We integrate traditional analog and IP based systems that distribute communications from room to room, building to building, and sound distribution from site to site including the very latest in emergency evacuation broadcast technology.  We provide our customers the solutions they desire, with the professionalism they deserve.  Through our strategic partnerships, we can combine the most recent in technological upgrades, with some of the most established companies in the industry.  Our team has certifications in design, programming, and installation of multiple top of the line Intercom, Public Address, and Mass Notification systems.  We are heavily experienced in both new construction and renovation projects, and as these systems become more essential, we would can certainly assist you in whatever your project needs.

The Awareness Experience

Systems provide centralized control for schools, businesses etc. for a broad range of functions including:

  • Intercom
  • Paging/Public Address
  • Mass Notification
  • Program distribution (music or voice messages)
  • Built in master clock
  • Secondary clock correction
  • Time tone signaling for class changes

Our Audio Distribution Systems are installed in:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Industrial Buildings

More than Audio Distribution Systems

In addition to complete Audio Distribution Systems, we provide professional and careful installation and system design for the following applications:

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems
  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Audio distribution in your campus
  • Integrated multi-track audio recording
  • Platform Lighting – LED lighting, moving systems, and traditional theatrical fixtures
  • Programmable lighting control
  • Integrated architectural lighting systems
  • Creative and innovative video projection systems
  • Environmental projection systems
  • Edge-blended projection systems
  • Distributed video for your campus
  • Camera and video recording systems for broadcast or live Streaming
  • PTZ Remote control camera systems and manned camera system