Advanced Light Systems

The venue grows dim and there is a hush amongst the gathered masses. Suddenly, a single light illuminates the masked performer standing center stage and signals the beginning of what will become an unforgettable night for its attendees. This is the power of effective theatrical lighting. Properly timed and flexible lighting mechanics will make or break a performance, so it has to be done right because it is an essential part of the overall experience.  Lighting sets the mood and helps focus the audience's attention.  In a lighting system, light is more than just functional, it is the key design element.  Whether it is a newscast, drama, outdoor show, religious service, or otherwise, Ace Audio Communications can provide you with the equipment and expertise you need to make your production shine.

The Immersive Experience

In most venues, the design includes both theatrical and architectural lighting:

  • Theatrical lighting is used in the platform and performance areas.
  • Architectural lighting is generally used in the congregational seating area.

We Design a system that is Unique to your needs.

While sound systems may be fairly consistent between clients, lighting design varies dramatically because of system needs, style, building architecture, and client preferences.

  • We get to know you and your goals.
  • We show you ideas and discuss design options with your team.
  • We train your volunteers in control systems.
  • We can design a lighting system controlled by a single control console only or can add simple door entrance controls. These systems are easy to program and usually have several scenes adjusted for special events or even low-level walk-through or cleaning lighting.
  • LED and Moving lights can be confusing. We cut through the difficulty by offering solutions and ideas that are clear for you and your design team. Great color and functionality does not have to be exorbitantly expensive.
  • Our design process helps you visualize your building and the LED lighting.

Ace Audio Communications provides:

  • Lighting System Analysis for Existing Rooms
  • Lighting System Design additions for Existing Buildings
  • Full Lighting System Design for New Construction
  • Lighting System Setup and Programming

More than Lighting Systems

In addition to complete Lighting Systems, we provide professional and careful installation and system design for the following applications:

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems
  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Audio distribution in your campus
  • Integrated multi-track audio recording
  • Platform Lighting – LED lighting, moving systems, and traditional theatrical fixtures
  • Programmable lighting control
  • Integrated architectural lighting systems
  • Creative and innovative video projection systems
  • Environmental projection systems
  • Edge-blended projection systems
  • Distributed video for your campus
  • Camera and video recording systems for broadcast or live Streaming
  • PTZ Remote control camera systems and manned camera system