Limitless Video Systems

Video projection systems are a critical link between you and your audience in business meetings, lecture halls, worship services, and other meeting venues. The ability to communicate your message while utilizing best in class video projectors, lenses, distribution, and video screens can set your organization apart from the pack. Ace Audio Communications features projectors, lenses, and screen solutions from leading manufacturers. We can provide projection solutions from basic portable projectors to fixed front or rear projection solutions used in many corporate board rooms and worship venues all the way up to powerful digital theater projectors.

The Inclusive Experience

Because we live in a very visual world, excellent video projection is not an extra system for churches and schools.  It has become a necessity in effective audio visual systems. Many studies have been done to show retention rate is increased by adding visuals to a spoken message. An interesting observation:  the older the demographic of the congregation, the greater the benefit of a projection system. This keeps audience members from having to take their eyeglasses on and off, which means their attention is focused on the platform.

Camera and Video systems have become a standard in many venues today.   Whether a church or school, a multi-camera IMAG System or just one camera for recording, great video starts with experienced designers and system planning.At Ace Audio Communications, our designers know projection systems, displays, and video production systems inside and out, and they take great care to design systems that not only fit your space, but also give you the ability to be innovative and creative. We design and integrate classroom systems, simple one-screen retractable installations, board rooms, large multi-screen displays with edge-blended output.  We we have installed a system like the one you are envisioning for your project.

A few Projection uses:

  • Simple Announcement loop prior to an event
  • Words to songs and responsive readings
  • Meaningful content images
  • Image Magnification (IMAG)- Closeups of the performance
  • Displaying art or moving images that enhance the aesthetics of the room.
  • Video testimony or announcements

Your projection system should:

  • Complement the architecture of the venue
  • Provide an enhancement to the event rather than a distraction
  • Be preferably a fixed installation and not portable
  • Have natural, comfortable, and unobstructed viewing angles
  • Be bright enough to view with the typical architectural and platform lighting turned on and not dimmed

Many uses for camera systems in churches large and small:

  • Image magnification for speakers, theatrical productions, and special events
  • Event projection in another room or building
  • Connection to the event from the Foyer or other areas
  • Closeups for special events
  • Broadcast, Live Streaming, Video on Demand

Production/Broadcast system design:

  • Video Switchers
  • Multi-viewer systems
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Remote Control Camera Systems
  • Manned Camera systems
  • Recording solutions
  • Streaming ready system solutions

Ace Audio Communications provides:

  • Projection system analysis for existing rooms
  • Projection system design for existing and new construction
  • Projection system setup
  • Video Production/Broadcast Systems
  • Distributed Video Solutions
  • Training for your team

The Ace Audio Communications design team works with you to match your video needs to the perfect video system and we work with the best manufacturers in the video industry.

More than Video Systems

In addition to complete Video Systems, we provide professional and careful installation and system design for the following applications:

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems
  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Audio distribution in your campus
  • Integrated multi-track audio recording
  • Platform Lighting – LED lighting, moving systems, and traditional theatrical fixtures
  • Programmable lighting control
  • Integrated architectural lighting systems
  • Creative and innovative video projection systems
  • Environmental projection systems
  • Edge-blended projection systems
  • Distributed video for your campus
  • Camera and video recording systems for broadcast or live Streaming
  • PTZ Remote control camera systems and manned camera system